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Paragraphs on Terrestrial Community

Terrestrial community is naturally quite different from the aquatic community. The amount of water determines the habitability of a particular landmass. A comparison of a rain forest with a desert makes this point clear to us. Besides water, the sustaining foundations of all terrestrial life are air, and, directly or indirectly soil. Like air, soil […]

Paragraphs on De-Alcoholism (301 Words)

Paragraphs on De-Alcoholism! Treatment of alcoholism is called de-alcoholism. It includes the treatment of withdrawal symptoms and the treatment of alcoholics. It requires help from family, friends and society to break off the habit. 1. Treatment of Withdrawal Symptoms: The first step is to perform a thorough physical examination in all alcoholics who are considering […]

Short Paragraph on Interference Microscope | Biology

Here is your short paragraph on interference microscope! Interference microscope is based on principles similar to those of the phase microscope. But it has some advantage, i.e., it gives quantitative data. It detects small continuous changes in refractive index, while the phase microscope shows only sharp discontinuities. The variations of phase can be changed into […]

Paragraph on the Chemical Nature of Lysosomes

Here is your Paragraph on the Chemical Nature of Lysosomes! Chemically lysosomes are defined as “a body rich in acid hydrolase.” Acid phosphatases have been found in many cells of plant roots, fungi, and liver, kidney and endocrine glands. Enzymes of Lysosomes. Lysosomes are a group of cytoplasmic organelles which contain intracellular proteases (cathepsins) and […]

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