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Short Paragraph on Ice Age in India

Here is your short paragraph on Ice Age in India ! Following three ice ages are generally recognised in India. 1. The Dharwar Ice Age: Ice age of Dharwar is reflected by conglomerates near Kaldurg in South India. 2. The Gondwana Ice Age: The Talcher series of the Gondwana system in Orissa provide proof of […]

3 Sectors of Sino-Indian Border: Western Sector, Middle Sector and Eastern Sector

The Sino-Indian border is generally divided into three sectors namely: (i) the Western sector, (ii) the Middle sector, and (iii) the Eastern sector. (i) The Western Sector: This 2,152 km long sector of the Sino-Indian border separates Jammu and Kashmir State of India from the Sinkiang province of China. The frontier between Sinkiang and Pakistan […]

Short Paragraph on Indo-Pakistan Boundary

Here is your short paragraph on Indo-Pakistan boundary: The Indo-Pakistan boundary is the result of partition of the country in 1947 under the Radcliffe award of which Sir Cyril Radcliffe was the chairman. This boundary’ runs through varied relief features and is marked by a large number of incongruities, anomalies and irrationalities. It starts from […]

Short Paragraph on India-Bhutan Border

Here is your short paragraph on India-Bhutan Border: Bhutan is a ‘buffer’ state between India and China and shares 587 km long border with India. Bhutan is protected from external invasion, although it became a fully sovereign nation and became a member of the United Nations in 1971. India’s border with Bhutan is quite peaceful […]

Short Paragraph on India–Nepal Border

Here is your short paragraph on India – Nepal Border: India has common border with Nepal which stretches for 1,752 km from the tri-junction of Nepal, Tibet and Uttaranchal state of India in the west to Sikkim state of India in the east. Five states of India, namely Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and […]

Paragraph on India-Bangladesh Border

Here is your paragraph on India-Bangladesh Border: Of all the neighbouring countries, India’s 4,096 km long border with Bangladesh is the longest and accounts for nearly 27 per cent of the total land border of India. As many as five Indian states share the international boundary with Bangladesh. They are West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura […]

Short Paragraph on India-Burma Border

Here is your short paragraph on the India-Burma Border! The boundary between India and Burma is 1,458 km long and runs from India-China-Burma tri-junction in the north to the southern tip of Mizoram. This boundary runs roughly along the watershed between the Brahmaputra and Ayeyarwady. It passes through thickly forested hill country, with Mizo Hills, […]

Short Paragraph on India’s Border with China

Here is your short paragraph on India’s Border with China! India shares 3,917 km long border with China which is over one-fourth of the total land border of the country. This is the second longest border of India, next only to its border with Bangladesh. Five Indian states, namely Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, […]

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