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Paragraph on Scheduled Caste in India (560 Words)

Paragraph on Scheduled Caste in India! At the bottom of the social ladder is the niravasita meaning “excluded” or the “exterior’ castes, so called “casteless”, officially “scheduled castes”. Since the Government of India Act of 1935, they have been listed in special official schedules for administrative and representational purposes. Article 341 of the Constitution provides […]

Short Paragraph on Pataliputra | History

Here is your paragraph on Pataliputra! Modern-day Patna, originally built by Shishunaga dynasty’s Ajatashatru, in 490 BC as a small fort (Pataligrama) near the River Ganges and later the capital of the ancient Mahajanapadas kingdom of Magadha. Its key central location in north central India led rulers of successive dynasties to base their administrative capital […]

Short Paragraph on Scheduled Tribes in India

Read this short paragraph on Indian Scheduled Tribes ! Following independence, the policy of protection and development for the population identified as Tribe has been made into a Constitutional obligation. A list of tribes was adopted for this purpose. In 1950, this list contained 212 names which was modified by successive Presidential orders. In 1971, […]

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