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Short Paragraph on Fermentation (271 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Fermentation. When the yeast cells grow in the sugarcane juice, toddy juice, or grape juice, then because of the activity of zymase enzyme the fermentation takes place. The sugar decomposes producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. In the abundance supply of oxygen the alcohol is formed in less quantity. On […]

Short Paragraph on Bacteriophages Virus (294 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on bacteriophages virus ! The group of viruses which attacks bacteria was first described in 1915 by the British scientist Twort and more fully studied about in 1917 by the French investigator De Herelle. De Herelle noticed that some invisible agent was destroying his cultures of dysentery bacilli. Like other […]

Short Paragraph on Cell Theory (292 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on cell theory. The plant body consists of a number of small, microscopic, box-like compartments called cells. In other words, the cells are the universal elementary units of organic structure. A plant cell may be defined as microcosm having a definite boundary or the cell-wall within which complicated chemical reactions […]

Short Paragraph on Genomic DNA Clones (408 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Genomic DNA clones. The genomic DNA clones containing fragments of chromosomal DNA with promoter gene are developed to study the regulation of transcription of gene. Genomic DNA clones are much larger than cDNA clones as they contain both Exon and Intron sequences. The cloning vectors for isolation of genomic […]

Short Paragraph on DNA : a Genetic Material

Here is your short paragraph on DNA : a genetic material. As DNA is a genetic material, it carries genetic information’s from cell to cell and from generation to generation. At this stage, an attempt will be made to determine that in what manner the genetic information’s are existed in DNA molecule? Are they written […]

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