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Short Paragraphs on Referendum

Referendum means seeking public opinion on any law or amendment of the Constitution. Two types of referendum are there in Switzerland Optional and Compulsory. In case, the Federal Assembly intends to amend the Constitution, referendum becomes compulsory. If the majority of the people and the States (Cantons) give their consent, it will be considered as […]

Paragraph on ‘Fundamental Rights’

Paragraph on ‘Fundamental Rights’! A Fundamental Right may be defined as an interest protected by the higher law of the country. It finds its sanction in the constitutional provisions that lay down the doctrine of the limited police power of a democratic State. It follows that fundamental rights have a sanctified place in the basic […]

Short Paragraph on Constitution (199 Words)

Paragraph on Constitution! Constitution of any country is a sacred document, as it lays down the ground rules, which regulate the relations between the government and the people, between the different organs of the government and defines the rights and duties of the citizens. The political development of India as an independent and sovereign republic […]

Paragraphs on the Formation of Indian Constitution

Paragraphs on the Formation of Indian Constitution! The Constitution of India was enacted by a Constituent Assembly set up under the Cabinet Mission plan. The Assembly consisted of the representatives of all the principal communities of India. The seats were distributed among the provinces and states on the basis of their population. One member being […]

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