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Democracy is Superior to Authoritarianism

An Authoritarian rule is totally opposed to a Democratic rule. Authoritarianism involves a rule by single person or single group or single party. There is centralisation of power and authority is in the hands of the ruling establishment. Big limitations are always placed on the rights and freedoms of the people. There is rule of […]

Paragraphs on Liberal Democracy

In contemporary times, democracy is always viewed as a system of Liberal Democracy. It has full faith in the ideology of liberalism and in the democratic way of life and rule. In a Liberal Democracy peoples’ power is supreme. People are sovereign and they themselves elect their government. The government always works according to the […]

Conditions Necessary for the Success of Democracy

While admitting that Democracy is the best system, we have to remember that there are several possible demerits which must be controlled. In-fact, the success of Democracy can be possible only when it works in such conditions as are essential for its successful working. It can be successful only when following conditions are secured: 1. […]

The Growth of Democracy in India (2994 Words)

This article provides information on the Growth of Democracy in India! The term democracy is derived from the Greek words demos and Kratos. Demo means people and Kratos, means ‘power’. Thus democracy means power of people. Definitions on democracy: Bryce defines democracy as a form of government in which the ruling power of the state […]

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