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Paragraph on Droughts (295 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on droughts! Drought is a temporary reduction in water or moisture availability significantly below the normal or expected amount for a specific period. According to High Powered Committee on Disaster Management Report, “Any lack of water to satisfy the normal needs of agricultural, livestock, industry or human population may be […]

Paragraph on Drought Management in India

Here is your paragraph on the drought management: Among the various natural disasters the one which has received the greater attention is the occurrence of drought. A drought often leads to total loss of crops or sharp drop in the production of foodgrains and creates conditions of famines. History is replete with great famines in […]

Paragraph on the Drought Prone Area Programmes (DPAP)

Here is your paragraph on the drought prone area programmes! Drought Prone Area Programmes programme was initiated in 1974. The intent was to change DPAP from a relief and employment oriented programme into one aimed at ‘drought proofing’ through adoption of an integrated area development approach which sought to mitigate the impact of future droughts […]

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