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Hydrogen Energy: Paragraph on Hydrogen Energy

Paragraph on Hydrogen Energy! Hydrogen as a non-conventional energy resource has a tremendous potential as it can be produced from water which is available in abundance in nature. It has very high energy content and its burning is non polluting. However, there are some technical problems which need to be overcome before hydrogen is exploited […]

Short Paragraph on Hydro Power (196 Words)

Here is your short Paragraph on Hydro Power! Hydropower can be harnessed from flowing and falling water. Water stored behind dams and at a height has a lot of potential energy which is converted into mechanical and electrical energy. This water is released gradually and is made to fall under the force of gravity and […]

Short Paragraph on Energy Conversation in India

Here is your short paragraph on Energy Conversation in India! The situation of India’s energy front is alarming, to say the least. There’s al­ready a 7% energy shortage of electric power. Just as there is about 55% gap between indigenous production of crude and demand for petroleum products. India can ill afford the huge capital […]

Short Paragraph on Nuclear Energy (360 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Nuclear Energy ! Nuclear energy is basically the use of exothermic nuclear process that is used to generate useful electricity and heat. This term usually includes nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, and nuclear decay. The energy comes from the nucleus which is the core of an atom. Nuclear energy has […]

Paragraph on Energy (232 Words)

Here is your paragraph on energy! Energy is the primary input in the production of goods and services. The wheels of progress move with the flow of energy. One of the critical elements in raising the standard of living of a country’s population is the provision of affordable and reliable energy services in sufficient quantities. […]

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