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North-Eastern Plateau Region of India

North-Eastern Plateau Region of India! This region is situated to the east of the Deccan lava region. This is bordered on the north­west by the Some Valley and on the north by the Ganga Plain. The part of the Eastern Ghats that sprawls to the north of the Lower Godavari is also included in this […]

The Punjab-Haryana Plain of India

The Punjab-Haryana Plain of India! Punjab-Haryana plain is made up of fertile alluvium. Between the stony and highly broken slopes of the Himalayan Mountains to the north and the waterless tract to the south, this plain stretches like a corridor and merges in the Ganga Plain. Surface Features: The general slope is towards south-west. Its […]

The Konkan Region of India

The Konkan Region of India! The coastal lowland between Daman in the north and Goa in the south together with west facing steep slopes of the Western Ghats comprise the Konkan Coast. This region had commercial contact with West Asia and Europe. This coastal lowland is generally less than 80 km in width. Surface Features: […]

Geography: Short Paragraph on Geography (324 Words)

Short Paragraph on Geography! Geography as a subject in the American schools and colleges was diffused by the Europeans in the middle of the last century. In some of the universities like Harvard, Dartmouth, Mary, Yale, Columbia, Princeton and Pennsylvania, courses in mathematical, physical and historical geography were given as early as 1795. Arnold Guyot […]

Biography of Albrecht Penck! Geographer

Biography of Albrecht Penck! Albrecht Penck was a leading German geographer of the early part of the 20th century, who formulated the concept of ‘geomorphology’, was trained in geology. Penck was a professor at Vienna from 1885 to 1906. He was associated with Eduard Suess, who prepared maps of the major geological regions of the […]

Short Paragraph on the Significance of Peninsular Plateau of India

Here is your short paragraph on the Significance of Peninsular Plateau of India ! The Peninsular Plateau of India is the oldest and the most stable landmass of the Indian sub­continent. It contains a rich variety of minerals which occur in large quantities. There are huge deposits of iron, manganese, copper, bauxite, chromium, mica, gold, […]

Short Paragraph on the Great Plain of North India

Here is your short paragraph on the significance of Indian plain: Great Plain of North India with it’s fertile alluvial soils, flat surface, slow moving perennial rivers and favourable climate, the Great Plain of North India is of great significance. It is the home of about half of the Indian population although it accounts for […]

Short Paragraph on Physiographic Divisions of India

Here is your short paragraph on Physiographic Divisions of India ! Physiography is that branch of geography which studies the present relief features of the earth’s surface or of natural features in their causal relationships. As described in the previous chapter, the present surface features of India owe their formation to various geological events which […]

Paragraph on the Indian Coastal Plains

Here is your short paragraph on the Indian coastal plains! The narrow coastal strip between the edges of the Peninsular Plateau and the coastline of India running for a distance of about six thousand kilometres from the Rann of Kuchchh in the west to the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta in the east is called the coastal plains. […]

Paragraph on the Great Plain of North India

Here is your paragraph on the Great Plain of North India ! The western extremity of the Great Plain of India consists of the Thar or the Great Indian Desert which covers western Rajasthan and the adjoining parts of Pakistan. The desert is about 650 km long and 250-300 km wide. Its total area is […]

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