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Paragraph on Glaciers of the Himalayas

Here is your paragraph on the glaciers of the Himalayas! The Himalayas are the abode of snow and are called the storehouse of snow. Out of a total area of five lakh square kilometres of the Himalayas, about 33,000 sq km area is covered by snow. Evidences of large snow areas in the past are […]

Paragraph on the Himalayan Ranges

Here is your paragraph on the Himalayan ranges of India: The Himalayas are not a single chain or range of mountains, but a series of several, more or less parallel or converging ranges. These ranges are separated by deep valleys. As in all young fold mountains, we find a densely dissected “ridge-and-valley- topography” in the […]

Paragraph on the Origin of Himalayas

Here is your paragraph on the origin of Himalayas! Several scholars have expressed their views regarding the origin of the Himalayas. Prominent among them are O.H.K. Spate, D.N. Wadia, M.S. Krishnan, S. Burrard, E.H. Pasco, G.E. Pilgrim, de Terra, T.T. Paterson, T. Hagen, Auden, A. Heim and A. Gansser, Wagner and a host of others. […]

Paragraph on the Trans Himalayas Range of India

Here is your paragraph on the Trans Himalayas India! The Himalayan ranges immediately north of the Great Himalayan range are called the trans-Himalayas. This part of the Himalayan ranges is also called the Tibetan Himalaya because most of it lies in Tibet. The Zaskar, the Ladakh, the Kailas and the Karakoram are the main ranges […]

Short Paragraph on the Eastern Hills of India (Purvanchal)

Here is your short paragraph on the Eastern Hills of India or the Purvanchal! After crossing the Dihang gorge, the Himalayas take a sudden southward turn and form a series of comparatively low hills running in the shape of a crescent with its convex side pointing towards the west. These hills are collectively called the […]

Short Paragraph on the Himalayan Mountains

Here is your Short Paragraph on the Himalayan Mountains ! The Himalayan Mountains are also known as the Himadri, Himavan or Himachal. The Himalayas consist of the youngest and the loftiest mountain chains in the world. The magnitude of their size can be estimated from the fact that the central axial range of the main […]

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