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Reforms Made by Ala-ud-Din

1. Collection of wealth from the nobles: All lands which were held by the people as gifts, pensions, endowments etc. from the state were confiscated. The officers were instructed to extort money from the people by every possible means so that no body remained rich. 2. Reducing the wealth of the Hindus: Although there is […]

Paragraphs on Khalji Dynasty

The Khaljis have been mentioned variously—sometimes Turks, sometimes Afghans and sometimes as Indian Muslims. Achievements of Balban were of a personal nature. The Turkish Sultanate depended upon the personality of the Sultan. Balban, though, himself a successful ruler did not establish a well-organised administrative machinery. All powers were centralized in him. He did not provide […]

Paragraphs on Harsha Vardhan

Harsha Siladitya himself was a man of letters. As a poet and a dramatist he made noteworthy contributions to the literature of his time. As a Buddhist king, he wrote hymns relating to Buddhism. Two of such works were the Ashta-Maha-Srichaitya- Stotra or A Hymn to the Eight Great Chaityas’, and the Suprabhata-Stora or A […]

Short Paragraphs on Alexander

In 334 B.C., Alexander left his country with 30,000 infantry and 5,000 cavalry force. The size of his army continued to grow as he advanced further and further. It was a disciplined and well organised army under efficient generals. The Macedonian Phalanx represented an advanced method in warfare to enable Alexander to win battle after […]

Paragraph on Christopher Columbus

In 1451 A.D. Christopher Columbus was born in the city of Genoa in Italy. From his Childhood, he was influenced by reading the travelogue of Marco Polo and other writings concerning sea voyage. He became eager to sail westward in order to reach Asia. The writings of Florentine geographer Toscanelli convinced him that he could […]

Paragraph on Ferdinand Magellan

The Voyage undertaken by Portugal navigator Ferdinand Magellan was infact, wonderful. He circumnavigated the world for the first time. Magellan was born in 1480 at Sabros in Portugal. He served under the Spanish king Charles, the grandson of Isabella and got his favour. In 1519 Megallan left Sevile in Spain with a fleet of five […]

Chandela School: Khajuraho (Short Paragraph)

Chandela School: Khajuraho (Short Paragraph)! Under the Chandela kings of Bundelkhand, a great school of architecture flourished in the 10th and 11th centuries. An example of this style is a group of temples at Khajuraho, in Madhya Pradesh. The finest is the Shaivite temple known as Kandariya Mahadev, built around AD 1000. Other temples are […]

Short Paragraph on Second World War

Here is your short paragraph on Second World War ! After the World War I, with millions washed away, people thought it was the end, but the break of World War II was even more worst than World War I. World War II or also known as the Second World War was fought between 1939 […]

Short Paragraph on First World War

Here is your short paragraph on First World War ! The World War I was between the periods from 1914-1919 and was an extremely bloody war. More than 10 million military deaths and about 20 million wounded, World War I had little ground loss or won. It is also known as The Great War. The […]

Short Paragraph on Historical Imagination (404 Words)

Here is your paragraph on historical imagination! History is the study of past human actions and more particularly with the motives, intentions, purposes, designs and policies which prompted human beings to behave in a particular way. The human actions of the past societies are not available for direct observation. They can simply be inferred or […]

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