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Short Paragraph on Natural Resources

Here is your short paragraph on Natural Resources ! We have been surrounded by plenty number of sources and resources. To make life more comfortable and better, man started using up the available natural sources and converting them to natural resources according to his interests. In short a natural resource could be defined as materials […]

Paragraph on Natural Resources in India: A Land of Potentialities

Here is your paragraph on Natural Resources in India: A Land of Potentialities: India is blessed with a large variety of natural resources in huge quantities. Many of these still await exploitation. Whereas nature has been bountiful to India, the inhabitants of this country have not been able to develop requisite technology, in the modem […]

Paragraph on Presence of Oil and Gas in Indian Ocean

Read this paragraph on Presence of Oil and Gas in Indian Ocean! Oil and gas are the most valuable of all the minerals extracted from the sea bed. Most of the oil and gas producing areas of the oceans are confined to the continental shelf, but oil wells in much deeper seas have been dug […]

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