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Short Paragraph on Kashmir (400 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Kashmir ! Since partition (Since 1947) of the sub-continent into 2 independent states namely India and Pakistan, the political situation of these regions has become volatile. Kashmir is situated in the Himalayan region of India. Kashmir is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Pakistan has […]

Short Paragraph on Vrindavan

Here is your short paragraph on Vrindavan: Located in Uttar-Pradesh, the Vrindavan is a magnificent place with temples, shrines, ashrams that occupies a very significant place in the collective conscious¬≠ness of not only India, but as rightly told by Dr. Karan Singh of those throughout the world who are attracted to the spiritual quest. The […]

Paragraph on Sravanabelagola, Karnataka (336 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Sravanabelagola, Karnataka: This is a well-known centre of Jaina pilgrimage, noted for Gomatesvara Bahubali. The tallest monolithic statue of Gomatesvara in the world. Gomatesvara the 58 ft. height monolithic statue of the Jain saint Bahubali, sculpted at-Sravanabelagola by the Gangas in 983 A.D Inspite of its colossal size, it is […]

Short Paragraph on Sringeri Matha

Here is your short paragraph on Sringeri Math: Sringeri Math is the first of the four Maths or seats of religion founded by Sri Sankara at the four ends of India. Sringeri Math is the Daksnaya pitha for South India and situated on the banks of the river, Tunga, bounded by Sahyadri hills and forest. […]

Short Paragraph on Rameshwaram

Here is your short paragraph on Rameshwaram: Rameshwaram is one of the four dhamas, the ‘abodes’ of the gods. In the far South, at the tip of India in Tamil Nadu, is the dhama of Rameshvaram. Here it was that Lord Rama, with the help of the monkey armies, built the great bridge to the […]

Short Paragraph on Prayag

Here is your short paragraph on prayag: Prayaga is the “the place of sacrifice”, where Brahma is reputed to have performed “Ashvamedhas”. It is one of India’s most significant pilgrim centres. The name means “the sacrifice” and it is acknowledged as the “King of pilgrim centres (Tirthas)”. Prayaga is situated at the confluence of the […]

Short Paragraph on Puri

Here is your short paragraph on puri: This is one of the four ‘dhamas’, the ‘abodes’ of the gods. In the east, on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Orissa, is Puri, where the great Krishnaite temple of Jagannath is situated. Popularly known as ‘Jagannatha Temple’, this is one of the largest in India, […]

Short Paragraph on Kashi

Here is your short paragraph on Kashi: Kashi is the earliest name of the city of Varanasi (Banaras) and is one of the seven sacred cities of India. Originally it was the name of a kingdom of the Kashi, a people closely associated with Kosala and Videha in the late Vedic age. Kashi seems to […]

Short Paragraph on Kalighat

Here is your short paragraph on Kalighat: British artist William Simpson wrote in 1859 that Calcutta derives its name from Kali Ghat, a sacred temple on the river Hoogly. The present temple is not the original shrine and was completed in 1809 that reflects traditional Bengali architecture and is of the athachala or eight-roofed variety. […]

Short Paragraph on Gaya

Here is your short paragraph on Gaya: According to Grierson, Gaya was originally a Hindu shrine with a sacred tree which granted offspring, then it became Buddhist and again Hindu between the fifth and seventh centuries A.D. Gaya is the name of a town and also of the district (of Bihar State) in which it […]

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