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Paragraphs on Poverty

Simply speaking, poverty is the inability to get the minimum basic requirements for life. These include food, clothing, housing, education and medical facilities etc. If a person is not able to meet these needs, he is said to be poor. Poverty is a relative term. Its meaning changes with the changed economic conditions of every […]

Paragraph on Poverty- A Boon or Curse?

Inequality between rich and poor has grown faster in the last few decades; especially after the economic reforms called “structural adjustment policy” which has widened the gap. Industry and other corporate have immensely benefited from this market led policy but the benefits have not trickled down to the poor as desired. Poverty could never be […]

Short Paragraph on Poverty in India (267 Words)

Here is your short paragraph poverty in India! Poverty is in itself a social curse and a source of many social evils. It is a stigma on society. Poverty and its allied repercussions like starvation, malnourishment, and deformities affect the ruralites in particular leading to premature death. Moreover extreme poverty not only stiffles their physical […]

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