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Solving Water Problems in Industries

Demand for water is continuously increasing in industries, because Indian industries make little use of polluted water. Neither do they practice reuse of water nor recycling of water and process technology. After making a single operation of water, it is disposed of without utilizing it for a second subsequent use. Many a time, less polluted […]

Industrial Effluents: as a Nature of Water Pollution

Industrial development is considered as an important standard in the flow of modern development. The maximum population is employed in industries in developed countries. Those countries where industrial development is lesser, are in the category of developing countries. In industries, water is used in many forms. During the manufacturing process, used water is disposed off […]

Surface Water Resources in India (with statistics)

The annual estimate of surface water in India is 1, 86,900 crore cubic metre. The main sources of surface water are rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks etc. Most of the surface water flows through rivers. These are many rivers of large size and length in India which keep the land green and prosperous. In the western […]

Management of Water Resources in India

For water conservation, effort should be made keeping the following things in mind: 1. Water management means replenishing underground reservoirs and supplying water from excess water areas to water scarcity areas. 2. Replenishing of underground water is the most important aspect of water management. On mountains and hills, the water divide or watershed is covered […]

Paragraph for Kids on Water (427 Words)

A vast amount of water is found on the earth, which is why it is also called ‘Water Planet’. However, due to its uneven distribution, all the living organisms on earth are not able to get water resources in equal proportion. Out of a total quantity of 1.5 billion cubic km in nature, only 12,500 […]

Worldwide Distribution of Water

On the earth, 361 million sq. km area of the whole earth is completely covered with water. While the remaining 149 million sq. km ground area also has water in form of rivers, glaciers, lakes, marshy land and groundwater. The hydrological cycle also plays an important role in distribution of water on earth. After evaporation, […]

Paragraphs on Water Crises

Water crisis is continuously increasing in the world for many reasons. One reason is that due to deforestation, rain has disconnected itself from soil leading to water scarcity. Scientists of the world however consider undesirable changes in climate as the reason for the water crisis. There is a total of 140 crore cubic metres water […]

Paragraphs on Water Crisis in India

Assessment of water crisis is made on the basis of per capita per year availability of water. If per capita per year availability of water in a country is less than 1,000 cubic meters per year, such areas are considered to be suffering from water crisis. At present, about 26 countries where more than 24 […]

An Useful Paragraph on Water (268 Words)

An Useful Paragraph on Water! Water is the most essential commodity for all living beings for their survival. Human beings, animals, aquaculture, wildlife, birds, insects & flies, trees, plants, crops, microorganisms and the like consume large quantities of water for their growth and other needs. It is said that even the human body is full […]

Paragraph on Water Pollution (284 Words)

Paragraph on Water Pollution! Water pollution simply means contamination of water due to any external material, or, in other words, introduction of something to natural water which makes it unsuitable for human consumption. WHO has defined water pollution as “any foreign material either from natural or other sources that may contaminate the water supply and […]

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