Short Paragraph on My Dream City (Mumbai)

Here is your short paragraph on My Dream City (Mumbai) !

Mumbai is my dream city. Mumbai is an over populated city where many people go unnoticed like a sand castle carried and washed away at a beach while some rule the city. It is the entertainment and commercial centre of the entire country.


From Vada Pav to local trains, from Siddhivinayak to Haji Ali, from sands of Juhu to boulders of Bandstand, from the king of Khans to the Bacchans, from Lata Mangeshkar to Sachin Tendulkar it’s Amchi Mumbai throughout.

Mumbai is India’s business capital. Mumbai never sleeps. People works 24X7 in this city. Country’s top Chief Executive Officer’s meetings are held in Mumbai. Everyday many people come to this city to fulfill their dreams but many few get them accomplished.

Mumbai also attracts tourist from all over the world because of its culture and deep natural harbor. You can see much diversity in the city because people from all over the world come to Mumbai. Outside the railway station you can get a glass full of juice at just Rs. 5 & a cup full of Cappuccino costing Rs. 200 at Trident.

Mumbai’s nightlife is also full of fun. Every citizen in the country admires Mumbai because we can see many movies showing the life of the Mumbaites. Lot of Hindi movies have opening scenes shot at Victoria Terminus showcasing Mumbai as a city of dreams. Along with its charm Mumbai has a darker side as well where many people lose hope and their dreams get shattered in few minutes, but still life goes on with new hopes every day.


On an estimate Mumbai has the total population of about 12 million people. It is the 2nd most populated city in the world. Mumbai forms the world’s 5th most populated metropolitan area. 50 % of the country’s maritime cargo is handled by the Mumbai’s port. Mumbai is accountable to generate-

· Five percentage of the India’s Gross Domestic Product.

· Twenty Five percentage of the industrial output

· Forty percentage of the maritime trade &

· Seventy percentages of the country’s capital transactions to the economy.

Mumbai is a home for many big financial institutions like the National Stock Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India & several multinational corporations & many Indian company’s corporate headquarters. Mumbai is also known as Bollywood worldwide because it has contributes a lot to the television industry. Many Hindi films studios are situated in Mumbai. You can also see a perfect blend of many communities & cultures in Mumbai.

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