Paragraph on Energy Conservation (251 Words)

Here is your paragraph on energy conservation!

In a scenario where India tries to accelerate its development process and cope with increasing energy demands, conservation and energy efficiency measures are to play a central role in our energy policy.


A national movement for energy conservation can significantly reduce the need for fresh investment in energy supply systems in coming years. It is imperative that all-out efforts are made to realize this potential. Energy conservation is an objective to which all the citizen in the country can contribute.

Whether a household or a factory, a small shop or a large commercial building, a farmer or an office worker, every user and producer of energy can and must make this effort for his own benefit, as well as that of the nation.

We people waste a lot of energy in our daily usage either by not turning the lights off when not in use or by putting the appliances on standby power or not switching off the vehicle when the traffic light is long. Energy needs to be conserved not only to cut costs but also to preserve the resources for longer use.

Resources should be used economically to conserve them for future use since they are limited and will expire one day. Below there is a list which could be helpful to you in saving energy in our daily usage. Just go through them and know how you can save energy by adopting these methods.

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