Short Paragraph on Methods of Soil Conservation in India


Here is your short paragraph on methods of soil conservation in India.

Certain methods of soil conservation have been in practice in India for a long time now. Some of them are in use till today.

i. Cultivation that was undertaken on a gentle slope or terraces was the best way to conserve soil. Terrace farming improves the infiltration of water into the soil. This moisture laden soil does not easily run-off.


ii. Green manure is prepared by decomposition of biomass in the soil. While green manure is safer than chemical manures, it also makes the soil more porous. Green manure also prevents waterlogging.

iii. A popular indigenous agricultural practice to check soil erosion is strip cropping. The gentle slopes of strip cropping reduce the soil that may move away with the water.


iv. Crop rotation is well known to reduce soil erosion.

v. Cover crops are used to provide green cover to the soil at a time when the main crop is not being grown. This keeps the land fertile and reduces sedimentation. Earthworms that arrive during crop cover also improve fertility.

vi. Legume crops use the phosphorus in the soil and remove excess nitrogen from the air. These crops also provide more minerals to the soil and are therefore good for soil conservation.

vii. Casuarina leaves were traditionally applied to spoilt soil because they help fight soil alkalinity.

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