Paragraphs on the Formation of Indian Constitution

Paragraphs on the Formation of Indian Constitution!

The Constitution of India was enacted by a Constituent Assembly set up under the Cabinet Mission plan. The Assembly consisted of the representatives of all the principal communities of India.


The seats were distributed among the provinces and states on the basis of their population. One member being elected for a million of population.

The members from the provinces were elected by the legislative assemblies of these provinces on the basis of single transferable vote. The representatives of the states were to be elected in accordance with the system to be settled by negotiations.

The Constituent Assembly was to consist of 389 members, out of this 93 seats were reserved for the princely states. The elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in July 1946. The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly was held on 9 December, 1946. On 11 December 1946 the Assembly elected Dr. Rajendra Prasad as its Permanent Chairman.

After the acceptance of Muslim League’s demand for separate State of Pakistan, its members withdrew from the Constituent Assembly.


The passage of the Indian Independence Act, 1947, led to further changes in the position of the Assembly.

Firstly, all the external restrictions on the powers of the Constituent Assembly ended.

Secondly, the establishment of Pakistan led to final withdrawal of Muslim League members from the Constituent Assembly and serious handicap in the working of the Constituent Assembly was removed.

Thirdly, the Constituent Assembly was assigned the role of a provincial parliament in addition to a constitution making body.

On 29th August 1947 the Constituent Assembly appointed a drafting committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. It also appointed a number of sub-committees to examine the various issues in detail.

The final draft of the Constitution was prepared in the light of the recommendations of the various sub-committees. The final draft was submitted to the Constituent Assembly and was adopted after due deliberations on 25th November 1949.

Thus, the Constituent Assembly devoted in all 2 years, 11 months and 18 days. The total expenditure on the framing of constitution came to Rs. 6.4 crores. The Constitution came into force on 26th January 1950.

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