Short Paragraph on India-Sri Lanka Border

Here is your short paragraph on India-Sri Lanka Border:

India and Sri Lanka are separated from each other by a narrow and shallow sea called Palk Strait. Dhanushkodi on the Tamil Nadu coast in India is only 32 km away from Talaimanar in Jaffna peninsula in Sri Lanka.


These two points are joined by a group of islets forming Adam’s Bridge. There have been close and cordial relations between the two countries in the historical times.

Every phase of Peninsular Indian culture found its way into the island. Consequently more than half of the island had remained under the peninsular influences. The northern and north-eastern parts of the island have large number of Tamilians who migrated from Tamil Nadu to that country.

The maritime boundary between India and Sri Lanka passes through Palk Strait as Palk Bay touching Dhanushkodi (Fig. 1.9). This boundary has remained peaceful barring a few minor clashes between the fishermen of the two countries over the fishing rights. Some bitterness was created over the ownership of Kachchitevu Island (area 1.92 sq km) in the Palk Strait about 16 km from the Tamil Nadu coast.

The problem was resolved with the demarcation of India, Sri Lanka boundary along the median line. This island was given to Sri Lanka as a result of agreement of 1974. The maritime boundary between India and Sri Lanka became lively in 1980s with the insurgent activity of L.T.T.E. which is demanding a separate homeland for Sri Lankan Tamils within the island.


India-Sri Lanka Boundary


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