Short Paragraph on My Aim in Life (Doctor)

Here is your short paragraph on My Aim in Life (Doctor) !

Every individual must have certain goal in life to become successful. An aimless person is like a rudderless-ship standing in a stormy-sea.


Individual’s aim must be good & noble to shape his/her career in his/her future life.

A person cannot become a bread earner if he fails to choose a right profession. Just like all other people I too have certain needs to fulfill but at the same time I have a dream to become a doctor and serve my countrymen. By becoming a doctor I can render best services to my countrymen. Doctor is a humanitarian profession. I think I can become very good doctor because I have an excellent aptitude to study medicine.

By becoming a doctor I want to help all those people who are suffering from various diseases. By learning the art of healing I can fight against death & cure diseases. I think I have chosen a noble profession as compared to other professions.

In India I have limited opportunities to study medicines. At the same time the number of doctors is also less as compared to the total population of our country. However efforts are being laid by the state government to extend the total number of hospitals. In my country there is a huge want in terms of well equipped laboratories to pursue the research work.


Every year many diseases are spreading in our country due to lack of research work. Some of these diseases are- cancer, asthma, TB, blood pressure, malaria & brain fever. Therefore it is imperative to increase the overall number of hospitals to cure such diseases on time.

In India there are many villages that are facing less trained doctors in their respected areas. Being a citizen of our country each one of us should try to educate people about environment pollution & proper sanitation. After becoming a doctor I will try to produce best medicines at cheap prices and serve my country. I will work for the people located in the rural areas to develop their healthcare.

I know being a doctor is not a cake walk as it requires a huge lot of efforts, dedication and hard work from someone. But I will never lose heart. I have faith in myself to become a doctor. I believe that my honest efforts will surely reward me someday with a big success. In the coming year I am going to start my preparations for the medical entrance test. Someday I will surely become a doctor and earn respect in the society like other doctors.

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