Short Paragraph on My Three Wishes (400 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Three Wishes !

Almost all of us have many types of wishes and we sincerely wish that our wishes came true.


When I was very small, my mom used to say to write down the wishes and keep it somewhere hiding, so the fairies could see and grant my wishes.

And so I used to do it and most of it were being granted. It was later only I realized that it was my mom who made my wishes come true. Now when I am a bit more older, I have a few wishes in me, which I would love to get fulfilled at some point of time.

My first wish is to be in the cockpit of an airplane and ride the airplane for some time !! Wow..does not that sound great. I have watched in the television about the cockpit detail and how efficiently they manage it. Though I know that you need to study a lot about it, atleast I would like to see how it works. I really liked the inside of the cockpit when I saw it in the television. My father said to me he will try. I hope one day I would be able to fulfill my dream.

My second wish is to write a book when I get big. I love reading and I read a lot of books. Each time I read a book, even I think I should be writing something valuable for others to read. There are so many things of what I could write, but I prefer to write detective novels. They are so interesting and thrilling that the readers would love to keep them excited throughout the book. I hope one day I would be able to write a good detective novel and be able to sell my books.


At last not the least, I have another wish too, to be a Chef!!! I always see my mom preparing all that lovely food for us. It is an art to prepare great and delicious food and present it well. I help my mom sometimes and I love cooking. I hope one day I would become a great Chef.

Simple wishes in life, but I believe when we wish sincerely, it would become true and I sincerely hold to my three wishes and hope to get it true.

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