Short Paragraph on My Worst Nightmare (390 Words)

Here is your short Paragraph on My Worst Nightmare !

We often hear people saying that “it was a nightmare for me.” Well in my case, I did often hear this statement being said by people around me and I kept wondering what actually they meant by this statement, until one day I really understood what they meant!


We had a math teacher who joined recently to our school. At first we were not that were scared of her as she walked in with a smile and introduced herself in a such a pleasing manner. As time passed by, we realized that she was a very strict teacher.

She was very particular that we did our homework on time and attended classes’ very attentitively. If there were any distractions during her class hours, she used to go with very harsh punishments and made us work extra. She used to tell us that we need to come prepared for the next class and on some days, she used to put up surprise tests. In those tests if anyone failed, they would be punished badly and asked to stand out of the class for the entire day!

Gradually she started become our nightmares! Even in our sleep we used to think of only math’s, the sums, the problems that we did in the classroom during the day and so on. Discussions among ourselves were only of maths and not any other subject. If there was a test announced, we were all panic to attend it, because if by any chance we failed, we had to face severe punishments. It got so extreme that our parents also felt the pressure on us. They went up to the school managements and spoke about the matter. Our maths teacher was advised not to impose such pressure on us. At first we thought, she might punish us for this too, but we found that she slowly started to change.

The change was so obvious that the transformation was welcomed by us and we also supported our teacher. Now she is one among our favorite teaches who teaches us well and does not punish us. Earlier we used to learn maths only because we feared her, but now we learn maths, because we love her. She was indeed a nightmare for us, once upon a time.


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