Very Short Paragraph on Earthquakes (197 Words)

Paragraph on Earthquakes!

Earthquakes are tremors, which are produced by the passage of vibratory waves through the rocks of the earth.


The devastation caused by earthquakes to the human life and property, as well as to the ecosystem, is very high. The earthquake belt of the world is also associated with the volcanic belt, but several other regions too have occurrence of earthquakes.

Wherever earthquakes occur, apart from loss of life and property, landslides, change in course of rivers, loss of vegetation and animal life, destruction of dams and develĀ­opment of faults and fractures in earth’s surface are common and all this leads to environmental degradation.

The list of devastating earthquakes in the world is too long to be enumerated here. In India, the occurrence of earthquakes in areas of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, and Maharasntra north-eastern states are common.

The most recent earthquake occurred on 26 January, 2001 in Gujarat and on 28 March 1999 in the Kashmir in which heavy loss of property and life was reported, apart from the whole regional ecosystem being disturbed.


In fact, earthquakes are most devastating and disastrous among natural hazards.

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