Paragraph on the Pleasure of Studying

Does one really find pleasure in studying? Well, when one says studying plainly, it sounds boring, but when it is made to sound as reading for pleasure, it becomes interesting.

Reading can be one of the best leisure time hobbies and at the same time can give the person knowledge.


The more one reads, the more one gets to know and understand about things surrounding us.

In a study conducted by the Institute of Education, it is found that students who study for pleasure, they imbibe and understand more, rather than seeing studies as stressful and boring. It is found that children, who have the reading habit, develop their vocabulary much faster than children who do not read.

The pleasure of studying could be developed among children by encouraging and guiding them to read the right kind of books at the right age. In today’s time where nuclear family prevails, children have less option to be with more number of family members or play with their children. Hence, making books their best friends would help them to think and grow at the same time.

When reading is developed as a hobby at the right time and age, this definitely helps in the long run, both in understanding facts and also in children’s academics.

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