Present System of Education in India

There are many controversies regarding the present education system in India.

Some say the system is good while some say the system needs improvement.


Education of the ancient India was based on tradition and emphasis was on Sanskrit. During British rule there was a change in the education policy.

Education in India is quite theoretical and less practical. It is the practical sessions that help a student remember the concepts and understand better than the long theoretical sessions. This would indirectly impact students as book knowledge is not what is always counted, but basic thinking and application skills is required.

In the present education system, students are more pressurized and concerned for marks, rather than to understand the concept. Education has become more of a business. A student’s mark is assessed to attain admissions at any professional institutes, rather than the student’s skills.

The education system in India should not be book centric, but learning centric, where students are given an option to choose what they like.


Modules need to be introduced in the education system which is the right concept of acquiring knowledge. The syllabus needs to be planned well where the students would understand the concept better.

Lastly, we need to realize that education not only benefits a person but it also helps to serve the society where one lives.

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