Short Paragraph on Energy Conversation in India

Here is your short paragraph on Energy Conversation in India!

The situation of India’s energy front is alarming, to say the least. There’s al­ready a 7% energy shortage of electric power.


Just as there is about 55% gap between indigenous production of crude and demand for petroleum products.

India can ill afford the huge capital costs needed for installation of new power plants, development of coal mines, strengthening of railway network, etc. Nor can it afford the increasing drain on precious foreign exchange for oil imports. And, in any event, demand for energy is likely to continue to outstrip supply, at-least for the next few years.

Unless we act now, and stop the wastage of energy, and use energy efficiently both of which can add up to saving of 30%, the country may face a major energy crisis. The National Energy Conservation Movement has been launched to make con­sumers aware of their need to conserve energy.

All it takes is simple rules and recommended energy saving procedures. In homes, offices, factories and fields where one just does not save energy but also money with reduced electricity bills.


Let’s contribute our mite by saving precious drops of oil, valuable units of electric­ity Else the nation will have to contend with lower rates of growth, falling stand­ards of living, rationing and blackouts, a situation none of us would like to face. Let not the energy crisis change the very way we live tomorrow. Let’s take a positive decision on Energy Conservation and save energy – and money – right now.

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