Short Paragraph on Hydro Power (196 Words)

Here is your short Paragraph on Hydro Power!

Hydropower can be harnessed from flowing and falling water. Water stored behind dams and at a height has a lot of potential energy which is converted into mechanical and electrical energy.


This water is released gradually and is made to fall under the force of gravity and drive hydraulic turbines and electri­cal generators.

Hydropower is also another indirect form of using solar energy. Hydropower has great potential as a supplier of electricity but environmental constraints limit such a development as the generation of electricity by hydro­electric power plants result in pollution and massive ecological disruptions such as land flooding, siltation, eutrophication and adverse effects on flora and fauna.

Smaller dams and reservoirs cause less damage but cannot exploit the full potential of this energy resource. Planning environmental impact assessment and construction of a hydroelec­tric power plant takes many years and the high initial capital investments are also limiting factors in the development of hydropower.

The development cost of hydroelectric power plants can be reduced by developing low cost turbines and generators, involving public participation in the development and opera­tion of the project and using efficient environmental friendly technologies.

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