Paragraph on My Mom is the Best – by Shanu

Our friends and family assume an important part of whom we are today, and who we will be later on.

The greatest impact may originate from our family and for me that is my mother. She taught me everything from how to consume food and dress myself, to how to respond to any circumstance.


She taught me easily overlooked details like how to tie my shoes and to be affable and deferential to grown-ups. I would be lost without my mother. My mom is the best and here are the reasons for it:

She Listens to Me:

My mom is the best because regardless of how terrible a day she has had, she will dependably be there to hear me out. I converse with her about everything – even things that aren’t generally easy to discuss. Regardless of the possibility that she could be shouted at by my kin throughout the day, she will in any case be willing to hear me squeal over how overpowering life might be. She endures my emotional episodes, my steady prattle and my constant solicitations – and still figures out how to keep our home, and everybody in it, in check.

She Calms Me Down:


At whatever point something gets excessive for me, she is there quieting me down – providing me an embrace and letting me know it’s going to be OK. She can even keep me from hyperventilating by discovering my “lost” notebook. Regardless of what the situation is, my mother dependably brings about a noticeable improvement. Furthermore, she does this all with a grin.

A mother is the best friend:

A mother is the best friend anybody could ever request which makes my mom the best of all. At the point when other people dismiss you, she is the one supporting you. When you fall, she helps you up and when your heart is loaded with misery, she provides you a sight of trust. The day a child is conceived, so is a mother.

A mother and her child have a unique bond. You can trick the vast majority of your friends more often than not; however you can’t trick your mom. She sees directly through you and recognizes what is not right. When she provides for you that exceptional embrace everything appears to be all right and despite the fact that you never need her to give up, the inclination keeps going forever.

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