Short Paragraph on My Grandfather

Here is your short paragraph on My Grandfather !

My Grandfather is the most influential person in my life. He was like a friend to me. He was my bulwark, my mentor and my father figure.


When I was a child I find no safer place than the secure lap of my Grandfather. He wanted to make me a brave person and make me watch horror movies to make me understand that ghosts do not exist in real life.

I watch horror films on television from behind my Grandfather’s recliner. He taught me that each one of us should value our life lead a healthy life. He also taught me to make scrambled eggs at the age of 5 as eggs are rich source of proteins. He was a loving, straightforward, warm and firm personality. He was a brave man accepting whatever comes on his way.

My Grandfather was a big believer of god. He was a very renowned surgeon and it was his faith in almighty that he carried his job so well. He was 1 of 9 children and he pulled himself out of that poverty trap with his determination and drive. But he never forgot his roots even after achieving so much success in life.

He was also a great basketball player and had a good sportsman spirit. He passed away three years back at the age of 90. He was so healthy that when he was 82 years old he was doing chin ups. My entire family was very proud of him. My grandfather was very fond of gardening too. People have small garden area in their backyard nut he had a small backyard that surrounds his big garden. His garden was full of beautiful flowers and tomatoes.


My Grandfather had four to five pound of beefsteak tomatoes. He also taught me the way to cultivate them. I always find him doing something or the other all the time and this is because I liked his company and spent as much time as possible with him. He taught me the importance of becoming a good human being instead of a successful human being.

My Grandmother expired at the age of 50 and he managed to do all his work by himself because he do not like to worry others for small small things. At the age of 90 he became ill all of a sudden and dies after 9 days due to heart attack. He was a father of 3 children, grandfather of 3 children, great grandfather of 10 children & friend of countless people. He was a remarkable individual who touched many lives. May his soul Rest In Peace..!!

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