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Dadri Fair of the Ballia Town is attended every year by above 500,000 devouts. The fair is mainly related to sacred bath in the Ganga on the occasion of the Kartik Purnima.


Devouts perform sacred bath and after glancing divinities, the temple of Bhrgu followed with Balesvara, return to their destination.

In 1884 the Dadri Fair came into limelight when great Hindi playwright Bharatendu Harishchandra from Banaras visited the fair and performed his three plays and gave historical lecture against the British imperialism, the address is referred as “Ballia Mela Address”.

Its modern structure of management, however, started in 1902 when the Municipal Corporation was organised for the first time which developed rules and regulation of its management in 1904. Earlier the Fair was organised along the Ganga, but since 1928 it started celebration in the neighbourhood of Jamua-Nagwa and in 1958 even the nearby city area were added as part of the fair.

The Dadri Fair has two parts the ceremonial (shops, exhibitions, circus, etc.) and the animal fair (especially for bulls, cows and horses). The Dadri Fair is now famous for cattle market. The Fair continues for about three weeks and there is a legend behind this great Pan-Indian fair that is related to sage.


Bhrgu (C. 3rd century B.C.) and his disciple Dardara. According to one reading of the Padma Purana, which is conĀ­sidered to be a text of c. 3rd century. A.D., under the section of pilgrimages and tirthas there appears description of ‘the glory of Dardara area’ known as Saunaka- Prasnottaraprastava-Dardararmhatmya Vimuktaksetra Vamana containing 142 metres.

When Saunaka asked Suka about the holy places, he replied that in ‘Satya Yuga Puskara, in Treta Namisaranya, in Dwapara Kuruksetra and in Kali Yuga the Ganga are the important tirthas. And, the site of the Ganga’s origin, Hardvara, Prayaga, Kashi and Dadri have merit bestowing liberation. Moreover, the area between the Sarayu (modern Ghaghara) and the Ganga is more affectionate to Lord Vishnu’.

When the question of the origin and importance of Dardara was raised, Narada described the glory of Vimukta area where sage Bhrgu is living demarcated with a territory of five krosa (11 miles/17.6 km) and the most sacred sit in the middle is more sacred due to Bhrgu’s disciple Dardara who has been famous for his intellect and wisdom with an aim to liberate (mukta) that are from any kind of sin and also to make it more holy, the Ganga came here, thus the area became ‘liberated from all kinds of sins’ (vimukta).

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