Short Paragraph on Baram Puja

Here is your short paragraph on Baram puja:

On Paus-Sankranti day, the deity ‘Baram’ is worshipped by the tribals of Bankura, Midnapore and Hoogly districts of West-Bengal.


This forest deity is revered mainly by the Bauris of Bankura, Bauri and Layek of the Garbeta region of Midnapore and Shyambazar, Kayapat areas of Hoogly.

Even at some places low caste Hindus such as Hadi and Doms also worship this deity. His puja is performed under a tree.

There is neither any temple nor any specific image of the deity. Animal sacrifice is a special elements of this festival. The deity ‘Baram’ is offered a portion of the meat and beer. Community feast marks the end of the worship.

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