Short Paragraph on Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami

Here is your short paragraph on Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami:

Falls in the month of August or September. At the end of Pajjushana is an ancient Indian festival of the Hindus and is known as Rishi-Panchami, the day of sages.


Pajjushana literally means service rendered with whole hearted effort and devotion.

On the last day, the Jains distribute alms to the poor and carries a Jina image in a car (ratha) in a procession through the streets headed by an ornamented Indradhvaja. During this festival of the Shvetambaras, the kalpa-sutra describing the lives of Tirthankaras is read before the laity by the monks. Miniature illustrations of manuscripts of this text are shown and worshipped.

The last day is a day of fasting. Some pious monks, nuns and the laity observe eight or more days of fast. During the festival an annual pratikramana or confession is performed for atoneĀ­ment of all conscious or unconscious misdeeds or wrong done and for the removal of mutual ill-feelings.

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