Short Paragraph on Bhadu Utsav

Here is your short paragraph on Bhadu utsav:

This is a fertility festival observed in the districts Purulia, Bankura West, Burdwan West and Birbhum of West Bengal. Local deity is ‘Hebbarma’ sitting on the lotus flower.


This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Purulia. The worship is a purely aboriginal one, and the Goddess Bhadu is not recognised by the Hindus, nor has the yet obtained any Hindu worshippers.

There can be no doubt the worship is connected in some way with the early rice-harvest, which commences in the month of Bhadra.

There are many legends that surround the genesis of this deity. Some believes that this folk deity was a princess of Panchkot died a premature death, while another myth has it that she hailed from royal family of Kashipur, Purulia. Bhadu died in the middle of nineteenth century. To comĀ­memorate her death, the King of Kashipur announced an annual festival and erected an idol of hers.

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