Short Paragraph on Bihu Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Bihu festival:

The people of Assam, bred in ancient peasant traditions, observe a sort of primitive devotion to nature; it reveals itself in the popular festivals like the Bihus that commemorates the changes of seasons.


These nature festivals mark the advent of autumn and spring seasons.

On the Bihu, it is an accepted custom to take the family cows and bulls to the waters for a wash;  brinjals and cucumbers are thrown on their body, and they are propitiated to multiply and “grow, day by day”.

The farmer wants to preserve the cow as a unit of his economic life, for it helps him in his cultivation and on its power to procreate lies his wealth, and welfare. The cucumbers and brinjals are sex-symbols; this whole process is vitally connected with a temper that ultimately justifies the nature of the Bihu dances.

Such dances on the occasion are strictly speaking an enactment of agricultural and pastoral experiences of the people Bihu songs is rich in what they call “public symbolism” and conveys a meaning more than what is apparent. Most of this is connected with the “procreative urge” of the earth or of woman. They reflect the spirit of the Bihus, or fertility festival.


The tradition of the Bihu festival is being carried on with a view to ensuring an abundant harvest. It includes both pre-harvesting and post- harvesting ceremonies and must be looked as festivals of fertility magic, embodying a kind of synthesis of Aryan and non-Aryan culture.

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