Short Paragraph on Bishu Fair

Here is your short paragraph on Bishu fair:

One of the most important fairs of Himachal Pradesh is Bishu or Bisvoa fair, the fair of spring season or say Baisakhi. It falls on the first Baisakh (13th April) every year.


People of all age, throng in the fair area. Men, women, and children put on new clothes.

Two men carry the village deity in a palanquin. The latter is preceded by the temple musicians called ‘Turi’ or ‘Dhaki’, dancing and beating drums, kettle-drums and blowing trumpets, followed by the priest and village folks.

When the procession reaches the venue of the fair (in the field or a hill top), the village god starts dancing, oscillating up and down in his palanquin poised on the shoulders of his carriers. The crowds sing and dance rhythmically with sticks and swords in their hands.

Some interesting event of the fair are the thoda-ka-kliel, a test of skill on archery and Chinj, i.e., the wrestling.

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