Short Paragraph on Bisucani Festival (201 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Bisucani festival:

A well known festival prevalent among the tribal of Tripura state, ‘Bisucani Festival’ falls on the Chaitra Sankranti.


Also known as Bisu, this more or less limited to the Reangs and is characterised by the annual recalling of the departed souls of the ancestors by the Reangs.

Festival reminds one of Bihu festival of Assam. It is observed for three days. The house hold deities are worshipped in connection with the festival.

The deities are Mairoma (Lakshmi). Mulai Khlami (Kali), Mahade (Mahadeva) etc. The achai or the priest performs the puja and once it is over, he on behalf of the tribal calls back the departed souls of the ancestors. They are offered a variety of food and drink and also invoked to look after their relatives and to bless them with good harvest.

This festival bids the old year good bye and welcomes the New Year. Young girls and boys mix freely, establish new relations, perform dances and sings songs accompanied by the, Samu, (bamboo made flute) and Kham (drum). Merry-making goes for the whole day without interruption. Community feast is one of the important functions of the festival.

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