Short Paragraph on Brahmotsavam

Here is your short paragraph on Brahmotsavam:

During the month of December-January, Brahmotsavam is celebrated in Vaishnavite temples for twenty days. It attracts a large numbers of devotees at Srirangam, Kancheepuram and Srivilliputhur.


When Bhramotsavams unfold at Tirupati, pilgrims from all over the country throng to the Tirupati-Tirumala temple to witness the holy Bhramotsavam celebra­tions.

However, throughout the year, the thousands of devotees visit this sacred centre of pilgrimage. The Venkateswara or Srinivasa or Balaji as the presiding deity Vishnu is known, is enshrined in this temple.

This temple celebrates four grand Bhramotsavams, the most significant one falls here in the month of Purattasi (August-September) and go on for ten days. During this days, the festival idols of the deity are taken out in procession. The Garuda Seva, the Uyyala Seva and the Rathotsavam are some significant events in this festival. The Adhyayana Utsavam marks the recitation of the Vedas and the Tamil Prabandams.

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