Short Paragraph on Buddha Jayanti

Here is your short paragraph on Buddha Jayanti:

Buddha is the Sanskrit term, from Buddhi, ‘relating to intellect or under­standing’ and hence ‘relating or belonging to the Buddha or to Buddhism.


Bud­dhism is a school of Indian speculative thought founded by Siddhartha (6th century B.C.) which developed into a monastic order (Sangha).

Siddhartha (also known as Gotama) was the son of Suddhodana, a member of the Gotama clan and a chieftain of the Sakhya tribe, whose lands were part of the Gorakhpur district and extended from the lower Nepalese mountains to the river Rapti in Oudh.

Siddhartha was born at ‘Kapilavastu’ (now Bhuila) a town situated about half way between Basti and Ajudhya (Ayodhya) in the territory of Kosala (the modern Oudh), about sixty miles from its capital city Sravasti a (favourite abode of Gotama).

Buddhism, while rejecting brahmanic fundamentalism, later formed part of Indian religious develop­ment. Buddha Jayanti or Birthday of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism occurs in the month of April or May. It is a national holiday in India and is the major Buddhist festival that is known as Baishakha Purnima. To pay homage to Lord Buddha, several meetings are held and restate his message. A large number of non-buddhists also participate in this holy occasion.

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