Short Paragraph on Chamunda Puja

Here is your short paragraph on Chamunda puja:

This worship is prevalent in many areas of Burdwan district. Special men­tion can be made of the celebrations in Kanchan nagar and in the village Manteshwar of Kalna.


This goddess Shakti is worshipped on Shuklashtami in the month of Vaisakh. Animal sacrifice is the special feature of this festival.

Chamunda image remains immersed in the nearby pond on Saptami and Ghat puja is offered.

The next day she is being taken out and puja is offered at Mertala by Bhattarjees animals are sacrificed. On the third day, deity is carried out by the priest and devotees’ belonging to Dhibar and byagrakshatriya community and the procession is taken around the village.

During procession again, the animals are sacrificed at grand level. On dashami she is placed once again inside, the temple.

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