Short Paragraph on Deul Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Deul festival:

In, some areas of eastern Kamrup and primarily in Darrang districts of Assam, Deul Festival is celebrated which is associated with fertility cult.


This is in fact ‘the Bhattheli festival’ that gets linked with the great tradition and associated with Vishnu’s cradle; the ceremony includes worship and homa.

In Darrang it is called the ‘Deul’ while in the Kamrup and the Goalpara districts Deul suggests the festival of Doulotsava.

Probably, by way of Sanskritization the Bhattheli festival has been transformed into the Deul festival. Festival is associated with big public fairs and is observed in the Shastric mode, nevertheless the important place of the bamboo in the festival still remains today.

The celebration starts from the first day of Bohag—Bihu and continues to the last day of the month of Bohag in the different places of the Darrang region and the adjoining areas of Kamrup district.

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