Short Paragraph on Domahi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Domahi festival:

This is the common popular names to designate the three Bihu festivals in Lower Assam, except in West Goalpara. Here Magh—Bihu, i.e., Maghar Domahi enjoys greater prominence, while in Upper Assam region, Bohag—Bihu has greater sway.


Maghar Domahi or Magh Bihu is the winter festival and marks the gathering of harvest.

For weeks preceding the festival the cowherds and other young lads of the village collect green bamboos and field stubble to construct temple like struc­tures, known as meji or bhelapuji and near the bhela puji they construct a big cottage called bhelaghar with green bamboos and field stubble as well as dry banana leaves.

At the very dawn of the Magh Bihu day the bhelapuji and the bhelaghar are set on fire. The bhelapuji and the bhelaghar seem to symbolize winter.

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