Short Paragraph on Goa Carnival (153 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Goa Carnival:

This occurs in the month of February and is celebrated in Goa located in the South-West of India.


As the rigorous and fasting of lent approach, the people of Goa, specially of Panaji, give vent to an exuberance and zest for life in a carnival that lasts for a week.

Perfect weather, clear blue skies and Goa with its sandy beaches furnish the most appropriate ambiance and in keeping with the festive spirit comes the music which Goans love most.

Its rhythms are woven into the nights and days of the carnival as hundred of guitars are strummed. Bright colourful costumes, masks and flirtations favour the revellers. Processions follow processions.

Generously made floats ply down the picturesque roads. And for an unforgettable week exuberance and joy find a home amidst the sandy beaches and beauty of Goa. This carnival rivals the best in the world.

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