Short Paragraph on Harihar Chhattar Mela

Here is your short paragraph on Harihar Chhattar Mela:

Harihar Chhatar Mela or the Sonepur fair is held at the confluence of the Ganga and the Gandak near Patna.


On the day of the November full moon, a mammoth cattle fair is organised here at the Sonepur fair.

Sonepur fair is the largest cattle fair in the world that takes place on the banks of the Ganga near Patna. Catties are brought to this fair from all over the country and are sold. The fair lasts for a month.

A scholar describes the fair in the following words “The blowing of council shells, the sonorous trumpeting of elephants as they wade into the river, is an enthralling back drop for this fair.

The cattle are decorated and painted in crimson, orange, pink and purple to facilitate identification. Some have horns gilded with silver. Their regal dignity seems to proclaim that they know they are the greatest draw at the fair.

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