Short Paragraph on Hindu Festivals

Here is your short paragraph on Hindu festival:

Hinduism is a religious tradition that believes in the eternal faith (the Sanatana Dharma), because it is based not upon the teachings of a single preceptor but on the collective wisdom and inspiration of great seers and sages from the very dawn of Indian civilization.


This is certainly the oldest and most varied of all the great religious of the world.

The word ‘Hinduism’ itself is a geographical term based upon the Sanskrit name for the great river that runs across the northern boundaries of India, known as the Sindhu.

For those living on the other side of this river, the entire region to the south-east of the Sindhu, which the Greeks called the Indus, came to be known as the land of the Hindus, and the vast spectrum of faiths that flourished here acquired the generic name ‘Hinduism’. About 80 per cents the people in India can be categorised under Hindu religion. Hinduism is replete with numerous festivals, seasonal or dedicated to certain gods or avataras.

These vary from one region to another. In Bengal there is a saying baro mase tero parban. It means in twelve months there are thirteen festive occasions. Therefore if try to make a comprehen­sive list of all festivals, they would probably cover almost every day of the year. Still there are some major festivals that have over the centuries become generally accepted throughout India and indeed wherever Hindus live.


Some noteworthy Hindu Festivals are enlisted month-wise below:

1. Makara Samkranthi/Pongal/Lohri (January)

2. Vasanta Panchami (February)

3. Mahashivaratri (March)

4. Holi (March)

5. Ramanavami (April)

6. Baishakhi (April)

7. Naga Panchami (August)

8. Rakhi Purnima (August)

9. Janmashtami (August)

10. Ganesh Chaturthi (September)

11. Onam (September)

12. Durga Puja (September/October)

13. Dussehra (September/October)

14. Deepavali (October/November)

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