Short Paragraph on Islamic Festivals

Here is your short paragraph on Islamic Festivals:

Islam is the youngest of the major world religions, dating from the seventh century. Islam is an Arabic term meaning “submission” to the will of the one God, Allah.


The Arabic root “s-l-m” means peace, the peace and human social accord gained by submitting to the will of God.

Closely associated with this act of submission is acceptance of the seventh century prophet Muhammad (Ca. 570-632) as the last and final messenger of God, the “seal of the prophets”.

Those who submit – who “Fear God and obey His messenger”, which scripture, the Quran, frequently, admonishes humans to do are called Muslims.

Major Islamic Festivals celebrated in India are Id Milad-un-Nabi, Shab-e-barat, Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Adha or Baqur Id or Id-e-Qurban and solemn Occasion Muharram.

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