Short Paragraph on Kajali Tij

Here is your short paragraph on Kajali Tij:

The third day (tij) of the waxing fortnight of the Bhadrapada (August/ September) is called ‘Kajali Tij’ the ‘Black Third’. This festival is observed in different ways.


It is named for the amorous rainy season songs (Kajali) which women sing at this time of year. In the villages around Banaras, sisters sprout barley and put the young sprouts behind their brother’s ears on this day.

As many of the Tij rites throughout the year have to do with the health and welfare of husbands, this Kajali Tij is especially for the well-being of brothers.

In the city of Kashi, on this day the goddess ‘Vishalakshi’, the Wide-Eyed goddess is worshipped and in the hills near Banaras it is known as the birthday of the great Vindhyavasini Devi, “Dwellers in the Vindhya Mountains”.

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