Short Paragraph on Kasi Das Baba Puja

Here is your short paragraph on Kasi Das Baba Puja:

Kasi Das Baba is considered to be as one of the mystic ancestors of the Ahir caste (cowherd), who was responsible for starting Shrautra Puja (solemn worship), outside the home.


This is performed for the overall well-being of cattle (specially cows) and viewed as a pastoral celebration for the prosperity of agricul­tural communities.

The folk version has association with the Puranic story as to how Lord Krishna saved his fellow men from the curse of Indra, Lord of rain and resultant into the public worship outside the village.

Unlike Govardhana Puja, Kasi Das puja is celebrated in the Ballia district on Sravana light half first Tuesday’ because on this day Kasi Das initiated the Shrautra Puja. Thus, this puja refers to the memory of initiation and also a new version of cow-worship.

On Puja site one can hear the slogans like ‘Victory to Kasi Das Babaji’, ‘Victory to Lord Krishna’.

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