Short Paragraph on Khalsa Order

Here is your short paragraph on Khalsa order:

On the day of Baisakhi in 1699, a very large gathering from all parts of the country had congregated at Anandpur. Guru Govind Singh, the Tenth and the last Guru suddenly rose to his feet with a naked sword in hand and his voice ringing likes a clarion:


“I want a Sikh who can offer his head to me, here and now”.

At the outset, the congregation got hushed and bewildered. But on his repeated deĀ­mand, five of his devotees came out of the gathering to sacrifice their lives. The Guru called them his Beloved One.

In a bowl of steel, sugar cake were dissolved, every one of them stirring water with a double-edged dragger in turn and singing the holy hymns along with it.

The Guru called it Amrit (Nectar) and gave the name of Khalsa (the pure) to his new order. He declared: “The Khalsa shall not only be war-like but also sweeten the lives of those whom he is chosen to serve.” He evolved a new order where there will be no high and no low. He entreated the Five Beloveds to administer him the amrit also.

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