Short Paragraph on Kim Kut

Here is your short paragraph on Kim Kut:

This is a harvest festival of Mizoram when the first crop other than paddy in the field is reaped and offerings are made of the reaped crop.


On the occasion the Mizos offer food ceremonially to their dead relatives. There is a legend behind the festival.

Tlingi and Ngama were two lovers. But Tlingi died living Ngama alone. Broken hearted Ngama now goes to the dead – men’s country with a view to meeting his beloved Tlingi. When he meets her, she appeared to be pale and weak. Ngama now promises to feed her with the first crop reaped from the field.

With the strong spell of Christianity in the region, now youths of Mizoram has innovated a new Kut, with a view to perpetuating the old traditions of the Mizos. The term ‘that’ denotes the spring season and the term ‘favang’ suggests the autumn season. The students living outside Mizoram, celebrate the festival in the month of September.

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